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The S-INQ self-inquiry cards contain 66 cards(yellow, green, blush and bonus blank cards). They come in a gloss magnetic box that’s damp proof.

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The S-INQ self-inqury deck is made up of 66 cards with three different types.  The yellow cards (50 in total) serve as self-inquiry pointers. To utilize them effectively, choose one card and ask yourself, “Which question truly stirs something within the deepest part of myself?”

The green cards are adapted from Byron Katie’s work, known as The Work, Four Liberating Questions.  Additionally, included are prompts inspired by Matt Kahn’s work, Whatever Arises, Love That. These questions prove particularly effective when intense emotions arise or intrusive thoughts are noticed. They are not meant to suppress such thoughts but rather to see beyond them.

The blush-colored (or pink) cards are particularly potent when used for breaking limiting beliefs.

Additionally, there are 3 blank cards that can be used for your own self-created prompts. Use them however you want.


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Dimensions 6.99 × 12.06 cm

Magnetic Box